I emptied my spice drawer today

I emptied my spice drawer today
all the old, stale, unnamed and unremembered
knots untied
opened packets
prodded lightly with a tongue-moistened finger,
tasted, and spilled out

I place each herb upon my tongue.
It is a sacred act.
The kitchen is a holy place.

Releasing the spent, unused bits of the past
ambitions unrealized,
under-used, forgotten, neglected
delights untasted

I let them go.

I let them fall
drifting or dropping by their nature
into the compost

I should have lit a small fire
burned each one with a prayer
of thanks
for past meals, good food well-seasoned,
healing teas,
the comfort of their pungent aromas
the life-affirming bite of their heat

Not the sky, but the earth will receive them
returning to the soil
by spade and rain
adding their wild spirits to new growth
and their fire
to the next generation

On the Morning after Leonard Cohen’s Death: a letter to an old friend.

Of course, the day to day doesn’t change so very much.
But, oh my heart, first the election and just now I read the news that Leonard Cohen died.
What is left for this year? Sadness upon sadness.
I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.
I’m supposed to be working on little haiku books for a sale that is coming up. My feeble poems seem like less than shadows when I think of Leonard Cohen’s beautifully crafted songs and poetry.
The wind is rushing outside, rattling the last of the leaves from the trees. I wish it would rain, just to fill the silent spaces.
What is the world coming to?
I hope you are well.. And warm and safe.
I wish I could sit at  your table and share a pot of tea and we could console each other, soften the edges of our fears for the future.
I am so very sad.
Hugs to you, My Friend.


remembering you
the bitter crunch of burnt toast
fresh taste of sorrow