My name is Paula. I live in Toronto, Ontario with my daughter and our pets.

For Christmas 2013, I received a wonderful gift from my daughter in the form of a book.
The Art and of Haiku Its History through Poems and Paintings by Stephen Addiss.
Inspired, I posted an original haiku as my Facebook status. After a brief exchange with my sister (all in haiku) she challenged me
How long could I continue to write haiku for my Facebook statuses… all year?

Well, so far so good.

But haiku isn’t all I write, and writing isn’t all I do.

I am an artist. My first loves are printmaking and sculpture and I still turn to paper and clay for solace. For the past eleven years I worked in a stained glass studio and store. My eyes were opened to the alchemical magic of glass and my work changed to include this wonderful material. Eleven years in the stained glass studio however, also led to repetitive strain injury in both my hands.

Luckily, this pony knows more than one trick.

Here I hope to share some of my creative work and adventures on the way to forging a new life.

Thank you for reading.

— paula


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