On the Morning after Leonard Cohen’s Death: a letter to an old friend.

Of course, the day to day doesn’t change so very much.
But, oh my heart, first the election and just now I read the news that Leonard Cohen died.
What is left for this year? Sadness upon sadness.
I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.
I’m supposed to be working on little haiku books for a sale that is coming up. My feeble poems seem like less than shadows when I think of Leonard Cohen’s beautifully crafted songs and poetry.
The wind is rushing outside, rattling the last of the leaves from the trees. I wish it would rain, just to fill the silent spaces.
What is the world coming to?
I hope you are well.. And warm and safe.
I wish I could sit at  your table and share a pot of tea and we could console each other, soften the edges of our fears for the future.
I am so very sad.
Hugs to you, My Friend.


remembering you
the bitter crunch of burnt toast
fresh taste of sorrow


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